The Canal Line, Coatbridge – A Year of Coasts and Waters Case Study

Submitted by: HarrisonStevens

Client: Scottish Canals

Where the past meets the future.

The Monkland canal corridor exists as open water, built urban form or as unused overgrown open space through a forgotten and redundant landscape, stretching from Euro Central in the east to Easterhouse in the West. The Monkland Canal is the fifth canal in Scotland and runs through a number of North Lanarkshire communities including the town of Coatbridge.

The Monkland Canal Line is a 12km long heritage and ecological linear park of national and local significance, providing an educational and leisure resource through the heart of local communities. The strategy aims to provide a baseline analysis of the linear route including infrastructure, land ownership, the LDP and land uses, define a cohesive strategy for the creation of the linear park and identify opportunities throughout the linear park for interventions, shelters, look outs and camping pods. The linear route will promote and encourage sustainable economic growth, increasing levels of personal and business mobility through commuting use on the towpath and cycle routes but also investing in the land within the corridor. The improved access and attractiveness of the Canal Line will increase leisure activities from adjacent communities encouraging active travel. The Canal Line will complete the link between east and west with a major infrastructure investment of a link over the railway at Bargeddie to connect the route of the canal to Easterhouse.

The three themes of Ecology, Heritage and Leisure are defined geographically relating directly to the context and existing activities. Locally the presence of the route, its historical significance and its future potential opportunities will be highlighted through a series of structures and interventions leading along the canal.

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