Summary of LIS Committee Meeting – 24th September 2014

          Key Points:

1 The LIS post Independence Referendum position to be communicated to the LI is “LIS wants considerably more Scottish subscriptions and practice registration fees spent in Scotland (around 50 to 75%) on devolved administrative functions as we have demonstrated unequivocally that we are best placed to support and promote Scottish landscape, members and practices.”It was agreed that LIS should do a few things effectively and well, pick events that we can manage and that it is vitally important that members continue to be kept informed.  The LI to be reminded that LIS represents landscape to Scotland and also represents the LI interests to Scotland.   The contents of a draft letter presenting the LIS position and requirements to be sent to Noel Farrar (President) and Phil Mulligan (CEO).
2 Mapping of distribution of members complete and shows most members concentrated in the Central Belt.  A map of Registered Practices has been requested.
3 The Landscape Futures Conference, Placemaking in Scotland Competition and A Summer Conversation Continuation on the Future of the Landscape Profession in Scotland 2025 are progressing


The full meeting minute can be found HERE



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