Saheliya Stalled Spaces Project

Stalled Spaces Scotland is a national programme commissioned by the Scottish Government and managed by Architecture and Design Scotland (A&DS) to encourage and support communities to bring stalled spaces or derelict and vacant land back into temporary use. We are looking for great ideas that benefit local people and enhance town centres.

The initiative is focused around projects being community led however there are some common areas where groups could benefit from some extra design principles assistance.

Sites are often too big for a manageable initial project so groups are encouraged to phase their project. Additional design input in to how groups might approach this, how they address the large areas of the site, how they might design the different components in the space to have a low-cost high-impact outcome on the site. Securing the site, boundary treatments, again, how to design this in a cost efficient way (groups are often working with very tight budgets). Using land forms to partition sites (sometimes sites have left over material or groups can get their hands on local material). Introducing other functions to spaces – making sites multi functional, designing in components for play (natural play etc). How groups might approach additional phases of projects.

Glasgow City Council funded a project in May 2015 in partnership with Saheliya and are now looking for potential female volunteer(s) to assist with the delivery.

Saheliya provides wrap-around services for survivors of female genital mutilation (FGM) and for young women aged 12+ who are at risk of FGM. Based at St Rollox House on Springburn Road, Glasgow, the group combats trauma and improves long-term well-being through intensive one-to-one support and therapies; develop knowledge of human rights and child protection responsibilities, and of health and other services and how to access them through themed-based group work; we increase financial independence and economic inclusion through targeted learning, training, and volunteering activities.

Their Stalled Space project will focus on a site of unused land directly adjacent to St Rollox House. The site has concrete hardstanding base and is currently overgrown with weeds, overlooked by an industrial storage site and bounds Springburn Road dual carriage way (with a buffer to trees/bushes). The group have a longer term lease on the site (10 years from Tescos). The project proposal is to develop a community garden with some raised beds for growing where their service users to develop additional skills and feel safe outside. There are child care facilities going in to the building so there is an opportunity to incorporate them in the project.


LIS Members who are interested in getting involved can email:

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