Piper’s Peace – Scottish Winners of the Gardens for Peace project

The LIS is delighted to announce that Edinburgh based landscape architects Anna Rhodes (Young Planting Designer Finalist at RHS Taton 2017) and Melissa Orr (Gardens By The Bay – Singapore) have won the Gardens for Peace project as the Scottish representatives.

The Gardens for Peace project will 15 permanent perennial gardens in 2018 on the theme of peace in the Hauts-de-France region, an area of the country with a high number of war memorial sites. The project is initiated by Arts et Jardins Hauts-de-France and by the First World War Centenary Partnership Program. Landscape designers from countries which fought in the region have been awarded, via competition, the opportunity to design and build a peace garden reflective of their nation. In this case, Scotland. The Scots suffered their heaviest losses in the Battle of Arras, and our garden site is located directly adjacent to the Arras Memorial. Anna and Melissa’s project is titled Pipers’ Peace and celebrates the Bagpipers and Pipe Majors who played an important role throughout the Great War and beyond.

Anna and Melissa explain what drew them to the Pipers as a touchstone for Scottish remembrance:

During the First World War, as a symbol of defiance Pipers stepped up unarmed, to lead the front line of Scottish Troops over the trenches and into the field. The sound of bagpipes has historically punctuated the lives of Scottish people and its cultural significance is still strong today. By taking the sounds of the bagpipes into war, the Scottish troops maintained their identity, and connection to home. The familiar sounds would have provided inspiration, motivation, unity and lament for Scottish troops and their foreign regiments with Scottish lineage, the Pipe Majors leading the men onto the fields showing solidarity, bonds of clan and empire. Today it is a form of remembrance for all those who served

The construction of this project will be funded by Arts et Jardins Hauts-de-France and the First World War Centenary Partnership Program. However, funding is limited and the project is open to funding. All sponsors will have their names included in plaques in the garden and can be included in any subsequent press. If you are interested in sponsoring the project, please contact mail.scotland@landscapeinstitute.org.

In addition, Anna and Melissa have set up a GoFundMe page to raise the funds necessary to create bagpipe like structures in the garden in order to cement the designs links to the Pipers of the First World War. These structures will be crafted by Scottish woodturners who will aim to replicate the look of traditional pipe making techniques.


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