Mark Turnbull Travel Award 2019 winners

The Mark Turnbull Travel Award for Graduate Landscape Architects

Learn from a world perspective to influence in Scotland

Using overseas travel to gain an insight into best and innovative landscape practice to address some of the current landscape challenges facing Scotland. This award will benefit future generations of graduate landscape architects in Scotland as well as the practice of landscape architecture by bringing overseas experience and knowledge back.

In 2019, the Mark Turnbull Travel Award has two winners: Samuel Cortis of LUC and Dr Amber Roberts. You can find out more about the winners here.

Samuel Cortis: Making Room for Social Spaces; an exploration of how community focused and managed landscapes can shape development strategies for Scotland.

Samuel’s full portfolio report can be seen here

Samuel has also recorded a video introduction to his work that can be viewed below

Dr Amber Roberts:  Climate Change Innovations – Learning from Europe

Amber’s report can be viewed in full here

Sam and Amber gave presentations of their work at the 2021 LIS AGM. These can be viewed here:

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