Landscape Sensitivity Assessment Guidance – Consultation

SNH has had a long-standing commitment to develop guidance on producing landscape sensitivity studies.  This builds on the 2010 review and the toolkit on commissioning studies we produced at the time.  Since then various changes have occurred: 

  • Terminology has changed with 3rd ed. of Guidelines for Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (GLVIA3) and we amended our website pages as a result.
  • We have reviewed more sensitivity studies in Scotland.
  • Natural Resources Wales consulted on draft guidance in 2018 which tested a range of ideas
  • Natural England produced its guidance  “Landscape Sensitivity” last summer.   

SNH are now preparing a consultation draft that we plan to release by the end of July.  There will be a six week consultation period (currently planned for 27/7/20 to 7/9/20) and we hope to have usable, finalised draft guidance available on our website by the end of September. 

SNH will be seeking comments in the six weeks up to 7th September and look forward Landscape Institute member views

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