Welcome to the section of the website where it is possible to view presentations of Landscape Institute Scotland Events that members have not been able to attend and educational promotional material.


LIS AGM presentation

Amber Roberts Design for Ageing presentation

LIS Reflections: Design for Ageing presentation



LIS AGM 2018 Presentation

LIS Reflections – Then and Now – How has progress affected our learning, understanding and practice? What will happen in the future and hos can we prepare as a profession?



LIS AGM 2017 Presentation



LIS FOA2016 – A House and Grounds for an Art Collector – A Competition: Awards Presentation



LIS GLVIA3 Seminar – May 2015

Landscape Institute Scotland Seminar to discuss 2 years of GLVIA3 in practice, Glasgow – Wednesday, 6th May 2015



LIS Placemaking Competition 2014

Landscape Institute Scotland Placemaking Competition & Exhibition, held in Edinburgh & Glasgow – November – December 2014


Water Blues Green Solutions Film – presented by Majora Carter

ECA Main Building, Laurieston Place, University of Edinburgh on Friday 28th November 2014


LIS Landscape Futures Event : Creating Resilient Landscapes of the Future – Considering the Current Issues of Tree Health

Biosphere Zone of Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh – Wednesday, 15th October 2014


The Origins of Pleasure Drives and Scenic Routes Seminar (Video)

Architecture & Design Scotland, Edinburgh – Wednesday, 23rd July 2014


Noel Farrer Presentation at LIS AGM (PDF)

Architecture & Design Scotland, Edinburgh – Wednesday, 30th April 2014



Edinburgh College of Art Degree Show, June 2013 (Slideshow)



Perth Conference November 2012 (Slideshow)

Managing Change in Scotland’s Landscapes, Perth – 27th – 28th November 2012