Green Infrastructure

We champion green infrastructure and the role of landscape architects in implementing it, through publications, research, events, PR work, and responses to government policy consultations. Find out more HERE


Green Infrastructure: An integrated approach to land use (March 2013)

Our most recent position statement showcases a range of successful GI projects, giving fresh insights into the benefits GI can bring. Aimed at public and private sector bodies, clients and practitioners, it shows how collaboration is key to delivering multifunctional landscapes – and how the landscape profession can lead the integrated use of GI to deliver multiple benefits.

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Local Green Infrastructure: Helping communities make the most of their landscape (2011)

A booklet to inspire local communities and decision-makers to make the most of their land – at the same time helping wildlife flourish, reducing flood risk, providing green open space for all, and delivering a wide range of economic, health and community benefits.

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Green infrastructure: connected and multifunctional landscapes (2009)

We believe that multifunctional and connected green infrastructure must be afforded the same priority as more conventional infrastructure; a priority it rightly deserves given its critical role in addressing a wide range of pressing environmental, social and economic challenges.

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