Winners of The Mark Turnbull Travel Award for Graduate Landscape Architects

The Mark Turnbull Travel Award for Graduate Landscape Architects

Learn from a world perspective to influence in Scotland

Using overseas travel to gain an insight into best and innovative landscape practice to address some of the current landscape challenges facing Scotland. This award will benefit future generations of graduate landscape architects in Scotland as well as the practice of landscape architecture by bringing overseas experience and knowledge back.

  1. Winner of the Award

The Landscape Institute Scotland are delighted to announce that Samuel Cortis and Dr Amber Roberts are joint winners of this  year’s Mark Turnbull Travel Award.

Samuel Cortis: Making Room for Social Spaces; an exploration of how community focused and managed landscapes can shape development strategies for Scotland.

Samuel is a Landscape Architect currently working at LUC in Glasgow and previously at Here + Now following graduation form MMU. He has a great interest in the power of community led transformation.

As part of the travel award Samuel will research how community-led landscapes in urban and peri-urban areas can reinvigorate marginalised spaces in the short-term, while also shaping the long-term development, social structure and sense of place. Building on his experience in Scotland Samuel recognises that ownership by the community appears to be a fundamental in the principle for success. Samuel will explore how Landscape Architects across Europe are developing new and creative solutions in designing community focused spaces that can become part of long term development and how ownership of the land led by community groups enhance their potential on a social and ecological level. He will travel in February 2020 to France to explore initiatives, research centres and meet practitioners in Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon; then onto the Netherlands, Amsterdam and Rotterdam and finally Berlin

Dr Amber Roberts:  Climate Change Innovations – Learning from Europe

Amber is a landscape architect whose work brings together research and practice, she is keenly interested in design that responds to contemporary issues of the built and rural environment from ageing populations to climate change. She has worked at a range of practices across the UK from Grant Associates to Atkins and has undertaken post-doctoral research in Asia, Europe and America.  This year’s travel proposal focuses on the pertinent issue of climate change adaptation.

Amber proposes to travel to France, Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark in autumn/winter 2019/2020 to understand how European countries are adapting to the threats posed by climate change.  She will visit a range of climate responses relevant to the conditions of Scotland, specifically that of flood risk visiting the examples of Vejle and Rotterdam, food security will be explored with a visit to agroforestry projects in Montpelier, France and finally she will explore campaigns that centre a landscape approach to climate adaptation in a visit to the World Landscape Forum research centres in Bonn, Germany. The travel will be undertaken overland and documented on a travel blog highlighting her learning experiences. ‘

You can view the outcomes of Samuel and Amber’s research here

  1. Benefitting the Landscape Profession in Scotland

As a requirement of the brief Samuel and Amber will present their findings at the LIS AGM on 25th April 2020 along with guest speakers on climate change, community empowerment and land reform. During their travels both winners will develop a blog platform to share her experiences through photographs, videos and initial ideas of the journey as it unfolds. The final reports will be available for members on the LIS website. It will document findings including case studies of different with both lessons learned and key ways these ideas could be translated into Scottish culture, climate and landscape..

  1. Thanks to Sharon Turnbull

The Landscape Institute Scotland would like to thank Sharon Turnbull for her generous support of this Travel Award in the memory of Mark Turnbull. Mark was one of the country’s most eminent Landscape Architects, winner of the Landscape Institute’s Gold Medal Award and recognised for the contribution that overseas learning and experience from his training and work in the USA brought to his practice in Scotland

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