Water Blues Green Solutions Film – Friday, 28th November 2014


5.30pm, Friday 28th November 2014

Main Lecture Theatre, ECA Main Building, Laurieston Place, University of Edinburgh, EH3 9DF


Register for Free – HERE


At this year’s Jellicoe Lecture in October the Landscape Institute and the University of Greenwich hosted the UK premier of a new film recently released in the US.


Water Blues Green Solutions is a 60-minute documentary telling stories about real people solving their water blues with green solutions in four cities across America.


Produced by Penn State Public Media, Water Blues Green Solutions is part of an initiative designed to promote public education and awareness of green infrastructure and how natural processes can interface with and complement existing grey or manmade infrastructure.


The integrated approach to water and green infrastructure promoted by the film will be of particular interest to landscape architects and to others with a general interest in this subject. Its goal of informing and empowering citizens to participate in the development of place-specific strategies for addressing such issues is inspiring.


MPThe film will be presented by Majora Carter, a Peabody Award winning Broadcaster and revitalisation strategy consultant. She is responsible for the creation and successful implementation of numerous green infrastructure projects, policies and job training & placement systems.


See a shorter trailer of the film HERE


The film is part of a wider initiative to promote awareness of water and information on that is available HERE


Location map for lecture theatre available HERE


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