UK Plant Health Guidance – Xylella fastidiosa

In mid-September, a highly informative three-day event was held on the bacterial pathogen Xylella fastidiosa at the Science and Advice for Scottish Agriculture (SASA).

The first morning was an open session for scientist, policy makers and those working across the forest industry.  This included talks from European and UK scientists and Plant Health inspectors on the current outbreaks in Italy and France, the EU Directives and Emergency Control Measures that are being undertaken – and the practical application of these requirements and their potential implications for the UK nursery and retail sector.

This was followed by a practical training event for diagnosticians from across the UK to ensure that the scientist are equipped to rapidly respond should the disease be found in the UK.

The talks from the open session are now available on the Scottish Government website.

Now, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs along with the Animal and Plant Health Agency have published a new report which can be viewed here. The LIS strongly encourages its members to view the report.

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