Tracking Scotland’s Changing Landscape – Scotland’s Landscape Monitoring Programme

A new way of tracking and reporting on Scotland’s ever-changing landscapes was launched by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) on Wednesday, 12th April 2017 – Press Release

Scotland’s Landscape Monitoring Programme (LMP) is accessible on SNH’s website HERE, allowing anyone to follow how our dynamic landscapes change over the years.


You can read an introduction to the Landscape Monitoring Programme HERE

The monitoring brings together existing and new data to monitor landscape change in a meaningful, practical and efficient way. It has been developed through research, data review and pilot project work, including a workshop with partners in 2014. At the heart of the programme is a number of landscape indicators grouped into four themes:

  • Landscape Qualities
  • Public Perception
  • Land Cover
  • Built Development

The monitoring programme will develop in phases; with this first phase being published in Spring 2017.



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