The Value of Design in the Built Environment (Scotland) – Appointment of research team

A team directed by  Douglas Wheeler Associates (Douglas Wheeler) with Ryden (Mark Robertson) and (Graham Ross) Austin-Smith-Lord have been appointed by the Scottish Government to carry out research in the Value of Design in the Built Environment.
The aim of this research is to provide an analysis of how ‘value’ is handled in the development process in Scotland. This will be achieved through a better understanding of how design value is accounted for and measured within the current system e.g. from design and development to sales and marketing. It will involve the possibility of developing new clear and practical methodology to assess and measure value in this context and will provide case study evidence of projects and places where good design has discernibly ‘added value’ to the built environment. The research is expected to conclude in March 2014.
The team will use the Scottish Government Creating Places web site to post relevant documents and material as the research progresses.  In due course  the Twitter #sgvalueofdesign will be used to highlight progress and encourage discussion on the research’
For further information contact Susie Stirling at

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