The LIS talking Young People and Placemaking at the Scottish Parliament

The LIS were invited to to take part in the most recent Cross Party Group on Architecture and the Built Environment event at Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh. This event discussed Young People and Placemaking, with individuals present from several sectors in addition to having young people involved in the discussion.

Meg Johannessen of the LIS presented the Young Landscape Architects’ Knowledge Exchange at the event, going through the format of the day and its successes. We hope that we will be able to run this event again in the future in order to reach an even wider group of young people interested in a career in landscape. 

Along with Meg’s presentation, the Children’s Parliament presented their project Streets ahead, WAVEparticle presented Happenstance and Austin:Smith-Lord along with Penniciuk Pupils presented A Town Hall For all.

The evening was interesting and informative and the LIS looks forward to taking part in future work with the Cross Party Group for Architecture and the Built Environment.



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