The LIS publishes A Summer Conversation on the Future of the Landscape Profession in Scotland. Access the Report here!

In a climate of considerable change across economic, social and environmental challenges, the report seeks to engage with what issues or opportunities these challenges may present for the landscape profession in Scotland. The overall aim is to use the document as a starting point in having constructive debate in setting out a roadmap for the future of the profession in Scotland. The report sections describe the context in which landscape architecture is practiced, and attempts to identify the various challenges and opportunities that currently face the profession both professionally and practically. A review of the policy currently under consultation, in guidance or being formulated is also highlighted. A summary of the LIS activities during the past year is also provided. A conversation about the future of the landscape profession from the view of participants in events held in two Scottish cities is also documented. The Report draws from a range of sources including policy documents, academic literature, published interviews, and research studies.

The report is available in this PDF.

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