The Howard Liddell Memorial Lecture 2019 – the legacy of Sherry Arnstein

Is Scotland’s housing fit for purpose?

Old College – G.159 – MacLaren Stuart Room Edinburgh University 6pm till 9pm

This event is the 5th in a series dedicated to the memory of Howard Liddell, eco-architect and one of the founders of the Scottish Ecological Design Association. When Howard died in 2013 he was planning a book – Ecomax – based on his heroes, all eco-pioneers. Each of the lectures focuses on one of these eco-pioneers. In 2019 we look at the legacy of Sherry Arnstein – author of the Ladder of Participation.

The event will look at problems with Scotland’s housing and consider how citizen power might be a contributor to finding lasting solutions.

“Citizen participation is the redistribution of power that enables the have-not citizens, presently excluded from the political & economic processes, to be deliberately included in the future” – Sherry Arnstein

  • 6.00 Gather
  • 6.30 Introduction to the Series and the Legacy of Sherry Arnstein -Professor Sandy Halliday
  • 6.45 The Great Scottish Housing Disaster: The Impacts of Feudalism, Modernism, Energy Efficiency & Vapour Barriers on Indoor Air Quality, Asthma and Public Health – Dr Stirling Howieson
  • 7.15 Housing Fit For Purpose – Professor Fionn Stevenson
  • 7.45 Some thoughts on Scotland’s Housing – Andy Wightman MSP

For full details, see here

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