The Future Speaks

Teach the Future Scotland is an inclusive, well organised and persistent campaign by secondary and tertiary education students to re-purpose the world’s education systems around the climate emergency and ecological crisis.

In the run-up to the election, Teach the Future Scotland are organising a series of events named The Future Speaks. The next of these is the Central Scotland event, tickets for which can be booked here.

The Future Speaks is a series of online panel events that bring together senior high school students and local politicians to discuss the climate emergency. There are 8 events on a fortnightly basis at 5 pm on Friday, one for each of Scotland’s electoral regions as follows:

  • 22nd Jan – Lothian
  • 5th Feb – South Scotland
  • 19th Feb – West Scotland
  • 5th Mar – Mid Scotland & Fife
  • 16th Mar – Highlands & Islands
  • 2nd Apr – Central Scotland
  • 16th Apr – North East Scotland
  • North East Scotland 30th Apr – Glasgow

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