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DECADE: Is the only green building the one that already exists?

Sustainable Development through Retrofit
2 June 2015 1.30 – 4.30pm, Location: ECCI, Edinburgh

Tickets: £6/ £4 concessions

Should we stop being distracted by proposals for shiny new buildings, and realise that what we often call regeneration is actually replacement? With 80% of the building stock that will be in use in 2050 already in place and buildings being replaced at a rate of 2% per annum, we need to focus our efforts on dealing with what already exists.

This event will concentrate on retrofit at a community level, looking at projects which, for example, strengthened community coherence or revitalised town centres, while reflecting on the impact full-scale regeneration can have on people’s lives. This event will explore the barriers and opportunities posed by re-inventing existing buildings, portrayed through practical issues that support the argument for valuing and building upon our existing built environment for a sustainable future.


Raymond Young – Chair
Community based retrofit – the beginnings and the outcome.

Kirsty Macari – Angus Council
Saving Glengate Hall: A collaborative approach
Bringing a vacant town centre public building back into use as affordable housing.

Chris Leslie – Documentary Photographer
The Glasgow Renaissance
Screening short films documenting the condemned and disappearing housing schemes of the city.

Cathy Houston and Rupert Daly – Collective Architecture
From the ground up: Building communities within Glasgow’s high rise flats.

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