Supporting the Architecture Fringe 2019

Why support the Architecture Fringe?

Hello! Would you like to be a part of Scotland’s largest festival of architecture – the Architecture Fringe – and help make it the best it can be?

Yes. Your support make’s a huge difference to what the festival can do and by supporting the Architecture Fringe you’ll be helping to grow and develop one of the most exciting grassroots creative platforms in Europe, encompassing the built environment, public space, art and politics.

With your help, the organisers can bring the fourth edition of the ArchiFringe into being and connect with an active, engaged and informed audience. With over 250 participants and 8,000 visitors the Architecture Fringe audience includes architecture and built environment professionals, educators, designers and interested citizens at large. The festival has an active and responsive profile on social media, in the press, on and offline.

Who are Architecture Fringe?

Initiated by a group of architects, designers, photographers, engineers, visual artists, curators and musicians the Architecture Fringe is an independent contributor-led series of projects and events across the arts which explores architecture and its impact.

It’s a platform that encourages and supports both ideas and agency. They believe in thinking, testing, prototyping and taking risks. They believe that it is our actions in response to our discourse that ultimately sets the tone for the culture that we create.

What have Architecture Fringe done so far?

The first-ever Architecture Fringe took place in 2016 inspired the Scottish Government’s then Year of Innovation, Architecture & Design and has developed into an annual event. The 2018 edition of the festival was the largest and most geographically widespread festival to date with 65 projects across Scotland from Inverness and Aberdeen through to Argyll, Glasgow, Cumbernauld, Fife, Edinburgh and the Scottish Borders. The Architecture Fringe also participated in the CANactions International Architecture Festival in Kiev, Ukraine where the organisers shared what they do and presented the wider scene of contemporary architectural culture in Scotland to a new international audience.

Architecture Fringe is a non-profit registered Community Interest Company run by a team of dedicated volunteers. Their work is nationally and internationally recognised and revolves around several key principles:

  • Supporting new work and emerging practice in architecture in Scotland
  • Developing a friendly but critical community of voices to connect, support and challenge each other
  • Offering a platform to encourage a wider conversation about architecture in Scotland within our
    contemporary cultural and socio-political contexts
  • Engaging internationally with other people and organisations

What are Architecture Fringe doing now?

This year’s Architecture Fringe provocation is In Real Life, [IRL] and invites participants to speculate on the extraordinary here and now – to explore and expose the conditions and contradictions in architectural culture, experiment with the every-day, challenge the ‘realities’ of our built environment and re-energise architecture’s role in creating better places and spaces, IRL.

The Architecture Fringe 2019 will run 07-23 June across Scotland and will include a funded core programme exploring In Real Life and an open-platform programme of independent work. To help deliver the Architecture Fringe we have applied for public funding but we also rely on the warm support of individuals, organisations and companies. Any assistance would significantly help us to achieve our ambitions in the continuation of the festival as a positive force for good.

How you can help!

The Architecture Fringe sponsorship brochure provides further detail on our activity and notes how support for the Architecture Fringe will be recognised. If you have any queries or would like to discuss anything in relation to this opportunity, please contact:

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