Summary of LIS Committee Meeting 30th September 2015


1 Rethinking Urban Landscapes Exhibition


LI has confirmed support of £4,000.00 towards venues.  Agreed dates for exhibition should be from June 2016 to end of 2016.  Venues would be Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Dumfries (SNH Chriton Campus), Perth (SNH Battleby), Inverness (SNH HQ) and if possible the Scottish Parliament and/or Victoria Quay.  The exhibition would run for 2 weeks at each venue with a week to move and there would be an event at each venue.  Venues would be considered in terms of their ability to attract the public



2 Private Sector Strategy, Survey and Event


Survey to be closed on 16 October.  Analysis of Survey should be available for Council Meeting on 22 October and Board Meeting on 9 November.

3 Cross Party Group on Architecture and the Built Environment


6 October CPG meeting will be key organisations giving a 5 minute talk/slides on suggested political parties’ manifesto topics.  LIS will refer to the importance of the Scottish Landscape Charter, Independent Government Landscape Advisor, National Spatial Strategy for Wind Energy and Bio-security.

4 LIS Emails to all members


The LIS Administrator is monitoring email circulation to all members in terms of number sent, number delivered and number opened.  The Administrator reports that the email of 9-09-15 had 99% delivery with 229 opened this is around 50% of members.  50% opening seems to be average.  The Committee will consider how to get a greater opening %.

5 The LI EGM and passing of Motions 1 and 10


The chair has had a response to the letter to Noel Farrer requesting the Board discuss re-instatement of the Divisions and that they should be titled Chartered Landscape Architect, Chartered Landscape Manager and Chartered Landscape Scientist.  This plus a practical vision and business plan to be agreed before work commences on the briefs for the working parties to be set up to prepare the Motions for the AGM in 2016.  The chair has requested but not received the Terms of Reference for the Motions Working Groups.  Response was from the CEO who had misunderstood the chair’s arguments.  The chair has asked for a debate at the November Board meeting but this may well be overtaken by other events at the Council Meeting and AGM.  The meeting suggested the title the Royal Institute of Landscape Architects.


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