Summary of LIS Committee Meeting 26th August 2015

1 Placemaking Competition Digital Book is available here:  Entrants and members have been informed.  Postcards of the Winning projects will be made and it is intended to make banners fro public and private sector entries which can be displayed at LIS events.  A PR strategy will be developed to get as much exposure as possible for the competition.
2 ‘The increasing height of wind turbines and the effect on the Scottish landscape: A Debate’ draft report is well on the way to completion.  The draft report will be circulated to Workshop attendees and to members unable to attend.  The final report to be sent to SNH.  Marc van Grieken will send it to the Minister.


It is questionable that the Scottish landscape has the capacity for 200m high turbines and that if this is the case then it is important that designers become involved in the discussion picking up from the 2003 document produced by Marc van Grieken, Mark Turnbull, Sara Fletcher and Ian McAulay on Wind Farm Design in Scotland.

3 At the 29 September 2015 meeting of the Cross Party Group on Architecture and the Built Environment key organisations including LIS will be giving 5 minute talks/slides on suggested political parties’ manifesto topics.  LIS will refer to the importance of the Scottish Landscape Charter, the need for an Independent Government Landscape Advisor, the need for a National Spatial Strategy for Wind Energy and Biosecurity.
4 The Policy and Development Officer will be setting up an invited working group to prepare a response to the Consultation on Designed Landscapes and Battlefields Guidance Note.  Members wishing to be involved should contact Rebecca Hughes.
5 The briefing on and tour of  the Scenic Routes sites in Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park will be on Friday 9 October 2015.
6 The Private and Academic Survey will be announced shortly.  This along with the Public and Third Sector Survey already undertaken will provide information for the LIS 2020 Business Plan and beyond.

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