Summary of LIS Committee Meeting – 22nd October 2014

          Key Points:

1 A letter to be written to Noel Farrer LI President setting out the LIS post Independence Referendum position. In particular the LI to be reminded that LIS represents landscape to Scotland and also represents the LI interests to Scotland and that it requires the support and resources to undertake this effectively.
2 Maps of distribution of members and Registered Practices are on the website..
3 The Landscape Futures Conference considered a great success, speakers excellent and target of a diverse audience met. Networking over a drink after worked well. A considerable amount of volunteer and Policy and Development Officer time was involved but agreed to be a good overall learning experience. Number attending was 72 plus speakers, the Video is on website.
4 Placemaking in Scotland Competition is progressing. Judges will be Chair Karen Anderson Chair A+DS, Susie Stirling Head of Placemaking Scottish Government, the Past President of the RIAS, Bill Cairns and Noel Farrer LI President. Awards will be given by Linda Fabiani MSP. Photographs will be taken, a video made and general PR undertaken.
5 Organising a continuation of A Summer Conversation on the Future of the Landscape Profession in Scotland 2025 is progressing


The full meeting minute can be found HERE

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