Summary of LIS Committee Meeting – 20th August 2014

Key Points:

1. Given the future work load of the Committee it was decided that the most effective way forward was to form the following sub-committees which would report through their lead at the Committee meeting, this would enable shorter and more focused agendas and time for discussion.

  • Communications – Dan Walker (lead), Andrew Smith, Mike Harrison and Steve Wheatley
  • Education, Competitions and Membership – Alan Cameron (lead) and Ross White
  • Events (including CPD and Social) – Nicola Garmory (lead), James Spence Watson and Steve Wheatley
  • Strategic Planning and Promotion – Rachel Tennant (lead), Andrew Smith and others

Policy and Development – Rebecca Hughes Policy and Development (not a sub-committee)

2. Landscape Futures Event at Dynamic Earth “How can we Create/Manage Resilient Landscapes of the Future?” on 15 October and the LIS Placemaking in Scotland Competition will be launched shortly.

3. An LIS Conference on the topic of Growing Cities in Uncertain Times has been suggested.  This would fit into the Festival of Architecture 2016 and the Landscape 2020 Initiative.

4. Whether Independence, Devomax or continuation of the existing devolution position the Committee unanimously agreed that their most likely post independence referendum position would be “LIS wants considerably more Scottish subscriptions and practice registration fees spent in Scotland (around 50 to 75%) on devolved administrative functions as we have demonstrated unequivocally that we are best placed to support and promote Scottish landscape, members and practices.”


Please click HERE for the full Committee Meeting Minutes for August 2014

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