SuDS and our landscapes : Seeking beautiful, and multi-functional places

Landscape Institute Scotland Symposium – Friday 4th November 09.30 – 14.00

SuDS are now in the mainstream, promoted for their role in water quality and flood attenuation. But are SuDS making sufficient contribution to place-making here in Scotland? The ‘4 pillars of SuDS design’ are Water Quantity, Water Quality, Amenity and Biodiversity; is sufficient weight being given to the latter two?

SuDS provide an opportunity for the different professions to engage and work together towards better places. This symposium aims to stimulate debate on the standard of placemaking for SuDS in Scotland, and to achieve better quality and value from this vital green infrastructure.

Speakers will review the latest thinking, factors affecting quality and the opportunities for improvement. Afterwards, attendees will break out into groups to discuss key aspects of SuDS in practice before a concluding plenary session.

  • Bob Bray CMLI, Principal of Robert Bray Associates. A pioneer of SuDS and contributor to the original SuDS design manual for Scotland and Northern Ireland – “SuDS in Everyday Living”
  • Dr Rebecca Wade, Senior Lecturer in Environmental Science, Urban Water Technology Centre of Abertay University – “Multiple benefits of Green Infrastructure”
  • Andrew Hemingway, SEPA – “SuDS regulation, opportunity and best practice”
  • Swaantje Ridegh, SNH – “Benefits and opportunities of SuDS”
  • Scottish Water – “Sewers for Scotland : the approach to SuDS design and adoption”
  • Danny McKendry, A + DS – “SuDS and Placemaking”

Venue : The Melting Pot, 5 Rose Street, Edinburgh EH2 2PR

Members of RTPI, RIAS & ICE are invited to attend.

Tickets can be booked through Eventbrite


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