Stirling River Park – A Year of Coasts and Waters Case Study

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Stirling River Park aims to transform the meandering river corridor into a high quality strategic recreational and environmental asset at the heart of the city of Stirling. It creates vibrant open space networks that connect historic landmarks, celebrating riverside habitats, framing beautiful views and supporting a range of outdoor activities for local people and visitors to the city. It encompasses a strategic east-west active travel spine linking the river to the wider city, new paths and bridges will link communities north and south of the river.

Neighbourhood communities within the river park area, and groups of river users, were engaged early in the process before design work started. The project team went out to listen, rather than to present design proposals, in order to utilise the knowledge, experience and aspirations of people to help set the brief for the design stage.

Improving access to the River Forth will build a thriving water-edge park, with opportunities for completely new offerings such as a wetland park at Kildean, outdoor sporting facilities for cycling, running and open-water swimming in the Borrowmeadow loop, and a climate-resilient city park five minutes walk from the railway station.  Design of the town riverside incorporate proposals for a flood prevention scheme.  SuDS and habitat network enhancements are woven through the length of the River Park.

Existing and new bridges will encourage walking and cycling, making journeys much more attractive and convenient and responding to the Scottish Government’s declaration of a Climate Emergency in April 2019.

Stirling River Park is a long term partnership between Stirling Council and SNH.  It can be delivered incrementally, either as River Park projects or through use of the Masterplan & Design Guide to influence development proposals within the project area, at a range of scales including local community action projects.

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