SNH Updates

Coastal Character Assessment 

SNH have published guidance on how to undertake coastal characterisation to complement their terrestrial landscape character assessment guidance.

Coastal character assessments can help inform regional marine plans, local/strategic development plans and other planning policies. They can also form the baseline for sensitivity studies and impact assessments of specific coastal and marine development proposals such as aquaculture and marine renewables.







Roads report

The construction, upgrading and use of roads may harm species and habitats.

To help design effective road mitigation, this report outlines four different mitigation monitoring approaches that can be implemented to identify the use and/or effectiveness of road mitigation structures. It details the decision-making process and method for developing a statistically robust, standardised and replicable approach that can be applied to both online and offline dualling projects.







Social Housing and Greenspace

This research explored opportunities to deliver multiple benefits through the good design and maintenance of Green Infrastructure associated with new and existing social housing in Scotland. The report makes a number of recommendations, including the need to design-in green infrastructure more explicitly at the start of the housing delivery process, and to develop a stronger business case for green infrastructure.


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