SNH Planning for Great Places Webinar Series

SNH is delivering a series of ‘Planning for Great Places’ webinars, covering various development and natural heritage related topics.

These 30 minute webinars are intended to enable practitioners to overcome issues that arise in planning casework and deliver the best possible outcomes for nature. Each webinar will include a short presentation to be followed by a Q&A session with the host and panellists.


The series will be hosted on the first Wednesday of every month at lunchtime (1pm).


To register for the second webinar on wind farm aviation lighting please see the following LINK 


  • Track Development  – Wednesday, 6th March 2019 (Contact Caroline Anderson for recording)


  • Wind farm aviation lighting  – Wednesday, 3rd April 2019

Host: Brendan Turvey (Strategic Planning Manager – Renewables)

This session will look at the emerging issue of aviation lighting on wind turbines. It will look at what the effects might be, how these should be assessed and the mitigation options available. We’ll also discuss visualisations and emerging good practice on these.


  • Planning for coastal change  – Thursday, 9th May (date TBC)

Host: Nina Turner (Planning Advisor)

Wondering how it will affect what I do, What I need to think about, where can I find material to inform my work?

SNH are in the process of publishing guidance on Planning Ahead for Coastal Change. Join the webinar to find out more and ask us what it all means for you. Relevant to private and public sector planners dealing with development planning and management, as well as other disciplines involved in development and issues along the coast, such as elected members, roads and flooding teams.


  • Wind farm visualisations  – Wednesday, 5th June

Host: Brendan Turvey (Strategic Planning Manager – Renewables)

This session will provide a recap on the ‘Visual representation of wind farms’ guidance from SNH, last updated in 2017. It will cover some of the technical aspects of the guidance, provide examples of good practice and provide an opportunity for attendees to provide feedback on the guidance.


* Please note all attendees – webinars will be recorded and may be broadcast in the future. Registering to attend the webinar will be considered as acknowledgement of the recording.

For more information on this series of webinars please contact Caroline Anderson.


Phone: 0131 316 2683



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