SNH Draft Coastal Character Assessment Guidance Consultation

SNH Coastal Character Guidance - consultation draft - February 2016_Page_01SNH is currently undertaking a consultation on the draft Coastal Character Assessment guidance produced by Carol Anderson Associates for SNH, which presents a methodology on how to undertake coastal characterisation. Subsequent coastal character assessments produced in accordance with the guidance will be intended to help inform and guide coastal and marine planning, and also individual development proposals, for example through seascape, landscape and visual impact assessments (SLVIA).

Rebecca Hughes, LIS Policy and Development Officer will be collating a response to the consultation on behalf of the LIS before the consultation deadline of 5pm, 23rd March 2016 (comments can be provided to SNH direct via:


You can download the draft guidance HERE


Members wishing to provide comments for inclusion in the LIS consultation response please email them to: by Friday, 18th March 2016


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