SepTimber – a CPD series looking at timber in construction


This September A&DS Material Considerations: A Library of Sustainable Building Materials, are teaming up with Forestry Commission Scotland and Wood for Good  and  Edinburgh Napier University present this CPD series looking at timber in construction.

Solid Timber Laminate Systems – Seminar

This afternoon seminar will take place on 21st September from 1.45 – 5.45pm in :

Gallery 2, The Lighthouse, 11 Mitchell lane, Glasgow, G1 3NU

The past 25 years have witnessed extraordinary advances in timber technology, with a range of solid wood systems emerging that have challenged existing approaches to structural design and building construction. . Solid wood systems, in particular, have led to new thinking in building design and to previously unconsidered applications in architecture and engineering.

This afternoon seminar, chaired by Peter Wilson of Timber Design Initiatives and introtroduced by Robert Hairstans of Edinburgh Napier University, will consider the following Solid Timber Laminate Systems : Cross Laminated Timber; Dowel Laminated Timber; Laminated Veneer Lumber; and Nail Laminated Timber.

Speakers Confirmed to talk about their experience of working with Solid Timber Laminate Systems in Scotland are:

Cross Laminated Timber: Andrew Burridge, SHS Burridge Architects

Dowel Laminated Timber: Sam Foster, Sam Foster Architects

Nail Laminated Timber: Matt Stevenson, Carbon Dynamic

Edinburgh Lunchtime CPD Series

These 1 hour lunchtime talks from 1 – 2pm will take place in Architecture and Design Scotland’s Edinburgh Office:

9 Bakehouse Close, 146 Canongate, Edinburgh, EH8 8DD

6th September – Timber Cladding and Innovation

This CPD will be presented by John Russell, Managing Director, Russwood Ltd, and  Alan Coultas, Ambassador UK, Sioo Wood Protection AB,

Topic covered include:

  • Natural Weathering of Timber Cladding
  • Differential Weathering of Timber Cladding
  • Silicon Technology and its Effects on Cladding Timbers

7th September – The Vertical Timber City, the architecture and engineering of tall timber residential and commercial buildings

This CPD will be presented by Peter Wilson of Timber Design Initiatives Ltd

The presentation will highlight:

  • Tall timber building projects
  • Design approaches being taken
  • New urban opportunities offered by an architecture primarily formed from renewable materials

13th September – Engineered wood products for Modern Methods of Construction

This CPD will be presented by Stephen Stewart of James Jones and Sons Limited.

Topics covered will include:

  • Engineered Wood Products
  • I-Joist composition & manufacturing
  • Environmental approvals
  • I-Joist Panelised systems

27th September – Glulam v. Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) – the modern world of large span timber structures

This CPD will be presented by Peter Wilson of Timber Design Initiatives Ltd

The presentation will cover:

  • The use of timber for large span, free form structures
  • Glue Laminated beams
  • Laminated Veneer Lumber

27th September – Hardwood or Modified Wood?

This CPD will be presented by Peter Wilson of Timber Design Initiatives Ltd

The presentation will cover:

  • Modified wood Products – chemical and thermal wood modification
  • Creative applications for modified wood products
  • Species of hardwood available in the UK competitive with modern modified timbers

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