Scottish Government – High Hedges Act

The LIS submitted a response to the Bill. See our submission which you can find archived in the LIS Events Archive pages (dated the 10th January 2013)

The Scottish Government’s High Hedges (Scotland) Act 2013 is now due to come into force having received royal assent last year.

The aim of the Act is to help resolve disputes between neighbors over the size of garden
hedges. The legislation is intended to provide a solution to problems caused by hedges which grow over two metres tall, and block out light.

It will give home owners and occupiers a right to apply to a local authority for a high hedge
notice, and empowers local authorities to enforce decisions made in relation to high hedges in their local area.

Statutory guidance has now been issued to local authorities on their responsibilities under the Act, which will see them act as independent and impartial adjudicators, taking into account the positions of each party in a dispute, before making a decision.

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