Scottish Government: Design Led Construction Procurement Research

A team directed by Douglas Wheeler Associates Ltd with Sustainable Procurement Ltd and Austin-Smith:Lord LLP  has been appointed by the Scottish Government to carry out research on Design Led Construction Procurement. The aim of this research is to identify implementable approaches to design-led construction procurement across the Scottish public sector. The research will cover the following three areas:

  • What are the current barriers to embedding design in construction procurement processes?
  • What approaches are currently effective in embedding design in construction procurement processes?
  • What future models of construction procurement processes might help to overcome current barriers to better embed design and assist the development of a design-led procurement approach?

As part of the effort to gather a wide range of data and views, early in the research programme, your assistance in completing the questionnaire would be greatly appreciated. The research is expected to conclude in early March 2014. The survey contains both multiple choice and open-ended questions and will take around 20 minutes to complete. There is a PDF version of the survey to assist compiling answers before completing the survey on-line. Please note that all responses must be made on-line and completed in one session. All specific information will be kept confidential and not be attributed. Closing Date – please respond to this survey by 12 noon on Wednesday 14 January.

If you have any queries please contact: Gillian Macfarlane on 01786 825033 or Douglas Wheeler on 01505 871975

To start the survey click HERE


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