Scotland’s Place Leadership Summit

Scotland’s Place Leadership Summit was designed by Corra Foundation and Scotland’s Towns Partnership, with support from Scottish Government.

As three organisations with an interest in place, the aim was to bring together leadership from across Scotland to call on them to embrace the Place Principle and place-based working as means of achieving inclusive growth and regeneration, and to be bold, ambitious and optimistic about the future.

The day was structured into three parts:

  • The first section of the day focused on the Place Principle, with opening speeches from Aileen Campbell, MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Local Government and Councillor Steven Heddle, CoSLA Environment and Economy Spokesperson. To demonstrate the commitment to place across sectors in Scotland, a host of representatives from the third, private and community sector were invited to be part of a panel discussion. Stephen Gallagher, Interim Director for Local Government and Communities, ended the session asking: ‘what do we want to get from today?’.
  • The second session focused on ongoing ‘Partnerships for Place,’ eight examples of current work illustrating ‘place’ as a lens for focusing collaborations between different sectors and local communities. Delegates chose two over the course of the day. The sessions were structured to spend some time focused on an example of place work, drawing out enablers and barriers, with the rest of the session open to delegates to explore their own experience and move towards thinking about actions that could be taken to shift place work forward.
  • The final part of the day was bookended with speeches from two place leaders, Jim Savege (Chief Executive of Aberdeenshire Council) and Mike Galloway, drawing on his previous role as Executive Director of City Development at Dundee City Council. Lesley Fraser, Director for Housing and Social Justice, Scottish Government, provided reflections on the day and about what needs to change, leading into a facilitated session with Harriet Hunter, Head of Organisational Development in the Scottish Government. This session provided the space and opportunity for delegates to reflect on how place intersects with their own lives and work, with time for personal reflection, beginning conversations with others to share thinking and finally, considering what actions to take to improve and expand placebased practice.


A full report of the day can be viewed here

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