Reflections Series 2020: Re-Imagining a New Outdoors

The LIS Reflections series aim to foster greater debate and transfer of knowledge within the profession. These events seek to be a platform for information exchange and give opportunities for discussion between members regarding a range of contemporary issues that concern and impact upon the landscape profession

Re-imagining a New Outdoors – Call for Ideas and Showcase

Following on from the Reflections Series discussion between Senior Practitioners on the Impact of Covid 19 on the landscape profession in Scotland, Landscape Institute Scotland are issuing this call for ideas to members that focus on how the profession can be at the forefront of reclaiming the outdoors as a part of an immediate set of workable, simple and effective design solutions to Covid 19 going forward as well as supporting the longer term climate crisis action.

The aim is to have an online exhibition and develop it into a digital ideas book for circulation and influencing that will help promote the profession for everyone’s benefit. here

Submission Details

Who can submit

  • Open to members of all grades.
  • The submission can be individual or as part of a group or an office.
  • Company details or individual names can be included on the visuals / drawings.
  • Applications are welcome for all categories listed below but must clearly state which category it is for on the submission.


  1. how to encourage health and wellbeing activities (outside);
  2. how to safely educate children (outside);
  3. how to get people moving safely to work or around (outside);
  4. how to recreate a social life for our communities (outside);
  5. How we can use more of our outdoor spaces for the benefit of society and the planet.

Submission Format:

  • Drawings/ sketches/ visuals (max no. 3 per category) with sufficient technical information to demonstrate delivery of the solution in the short term and ideas for its development for the longer term.
  • Provide in jpeg format for ease of online viewing and preparation for a digital copy.


  • Contact details (name and email address) of main applicants (company/ individual / group  response) must be provided and the applicant must agree to their contact details being used for the purpose of this call for ideas and the subsequent online format.

Submission deadline: Wednesday the 24th of June

Send submissions to:

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