Private and Academic Sector Strategy – Update

Following on from the survey of the private and academic sector membership in Scotland in November 2015 the findings have now been used by the LIS committee to develop key themes of a strategy with the following aims for 2016:-

1. Making the Most of Masters – Understanding the economics of the private sector in Scotland.
* A research project into the landscape sector by Stirling University Business School MA student is now underway and the students will be in contact with practices shortly

2. Knowledge Transfer- Getting the private sector to engage more with each other to benefit profession.
* Heads of Practice Event – to debate key issues affecting the sector

3. LIS Reflections Series: Greater engagement between the less experienced and more seasoned practitioners. (The first successful event held at the AGM in April 2016)
* Landscape Architect & Architect successful collaborations –Sept/October

4. Practice Events on Key Issues
Drawing on the list of suggestions and key speakers form the survey
* SUDs – Opportunities and Barriers: Speakers from different areas of expertise followed by workshop sessions on good practice – October/November

5. Archive and Historical Review –learning form the past
* Ongoing research into online archive platform to help inform the future.

Thank you for all those who took the time to fill in the questionnaire. We have used this information to help us move forward as a professional sector in Scotland. We will also be taking up your suggestions and offers to talk at events in the future.

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