One Year from the launch – Scotland’s Landscape Alliance

Scotland’s Landscape Alliance (SLA) was formally launched on the 25th April 2019.  The SLA is a grouping of over 60 organisations with a common interest in raising awareness of the importance of Scotland’s landscapes to climate resilience and biodiversity, our economic performance and public health and wellbeing. In doing this, we want to gain public and political support for the better care of Scotland’s landscape and places to maximise future benefits.

Our vision is a Scotland where the benefits of landscape are recognised and strengthened to support delivery of Scotland’s National Outcomes, the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the principles of the European Landscape Convention.

News Update

 The Working Groups  

  1. The three Working Groups have concluded their initial work on landscape for health and wellbeing,  landscape and resilience to environmental challenges and landscape, land use and the economy.
  2. The groups convened in November 2029, to ensure a balanced approach in their outputs, and the initial outcomes have been incorporated into the following Call for Action

Landscape and Place for our Future Success  – A Call to Action

  1. The SLA Executive Committee has set out this call to action as we emerge from the effects of the 2020 global pandemic. We believe it is essential that Scotland’s landscape is seen as part of the critical infrastructure and solutions needed for our recovery and to support delivery of Scotland’s National Outcomes.  Our three interlinked high-level statements have been developed which set out recommendations to:
    Increase Scotland’s resilience to climate change and associated environmental challenges.
    Improve the health and wellbeing of people in Scotland and reduce health inequalities.
    Support integrated land uses and deliver inclusive growth in Scotland’s economy.
  2. The ambition is to achieve 10 key outcomes over the next 5 years across each of the three themes through concerted ‘whole system’ approaches

The SLA Executive Committee ongoing work

  1. The Executive Committee have developed a website to share progress and raise awareness of the SLA to broader audiences. This is a developing site which will continue to be updated with our latest news.
  2. Landscape and Place for our Future Success  – A Call to Action and the detailed outputs of the Working Groups will be debated at Scottish Parliament in November 2020. The SLA are grateful to have the continued support of Gillian Martin MSP and Convenor of the Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee as Chair of this debate.
  3. The EC will commence a programme of public and stakeholder engagement to raise awareness of the work of the SLA.

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