Malcolm Fraser Lecture

Help make a Vision for Edinburgh

In celebrating James Craig New Town 250th anniversary. we ask ourselves what are we, the current generation, going to leave the next century? Are we planning a better future? Or are we just muddling along?

The EAA is leading a forum that asks that we put our professional knowledge to good use, make partnerships across the city with all other related professions and colleagues, and make our input heard and put into action.

These sessions have an eminent speaker and consultants to inspire and discuss all our ideas and thoughts in workshop format, put all of it on the table for a collation into a coherent strategy or charrette that can be submitted to the City of Edinburgh Council. The EAA have tied up with the City of Edinburgh Council Chief Executive office to feed directly into their City Vision, and with the good will of Planning Transportation and all other departments of the Council, the efforts and input of our workshops will not be just talk, but put into action.

The next session is to be given by Malcom Fraser (RIAS, RIBA) on Wednesday the 18th of January from 4pm to 6pm in Edinburgh. Full details of the event, including schedule and how to book, can be found here.

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