Local Place Plan Survey

The Planning (Scotland) Bill will give communities the right to develop proposals for the development and use of land through a new type of plan, known as a Local Place Plan. The aim of these Local Place Plans is to significantly enhance community engagement in development planning, empowering communities to play a proactive role in defining the future of their place.

Local Place Plans will be able to influence planning at two key points. Firstly, the preparation of the local development plan (LDP), which will be legally required to take account of all local place plans produced in the area it covers. Secondly, Local Place Plans will influence individual decisions made by the planning authority. Planning decisions will be weighed against policies in the LDP, but Local Place Plans would form a material consideration which must be factored into the decision making process.

It is vital that communities across Scotland are adequately supported to take advantage of this opportunity, ensuring that it is not only communities with previous experience engaging in local decision making processes who are able to fully engage in this process.

To this end, the following short survey has been designed to gather views on what support communities would like to see and what barriers they believe would stop them taking part – and how these might be overcome.

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