LIS’ Rebecca Hughes Invites Members to a Discussion on Increasing Turbine Heights and the Effects on the Scottish Landscape

Invitation to: Discussion on Increasing Turbine Heights and the Effects on the Scottish Landscape

Date/Time: Thursday 25th June 6.30 for 7-9pm
Where: meeting room at Golden Lion Hotel, King Street, Stirling
Cost: free
Catering: Tea/coffee sandwiches/fruit for 20

There is a likelihood of further increasing wind turbine heights in wind farm developments and repowering projects coming forward in Scotland. This together with current knowledge of the turbine manufacturing industry’s future possibilities of product development in scale and size of generating units indicates that we need to discuss the potential implications and effects on the Scottish landscape. Questions of landscape scale and landscape capacity for ever increasing scale of introduced units and how and if these can be mitigated or accommodated are issues of concern for all involved in LVIA without a national strategic plan available.

For this reason we are inviting those LIS members who have a particular interest in this issue to take part in an evening discussion later this month to see if we can find a collective way forward as a profession dealing with the Scottish landscape context.

The objective of this meeting will be to prepare a report of the discussion for submission to SNH and the Scottish Government. This will be a collective LIS response as the discussion will run under Charterhouse rules with no individual comments identified.

We would be delighted if you can join us for this special discussion at The Golden Lion Hotel which is close walking distance to Stirling Station. We will finish by 9pm to allow for those travelling by train to Glasgow/Edinburgh.

Please can you let Rebecca know by email c.o.b 22nd June to
Rebecca Hughes
Policy and Development Officer

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