Committee meeting minutes 2015-10-28

1 Natural England Workshop on Sensitivity and Capacity (Replacement for Topic Paper 6)RH(P+D) and MvG attended on behalf of LIS. This is a cross agency review including SNH. Inherent sensitivity has been abandoned with the emphasis now on landscape capacity which ties in with SPP although most of the studies undertaken in Scotland are really sensitivity studies.
2 Stalled SpacesThanks to the two members have volunteered and their names have been passed onto the Stalled Spaces project, this is much appreciated.
3 New College LanarkshireThanks to the two members of AHR design team went to Motherwell to assist with teaching the Landscape CAD course, this is much appreciated
4 PR, Events and Graphic DesignStrategyThe need for professional PR, Events Organiser and Graphic Designer assistance for the Competition and generally and the need for an overall PR strategy has been recognised. In general terms the Committee needs to know how best to communicate with members and the public and how to involve the public in the work of Landscape Architects.  The Committee noted the prospect of setting up a working group to progress this.
5 Rethinking Urban Landscapes ExhibitionLI has confirmed support of £4,000.00 towards venues in 2016 and agreed LIS will have exhibition from June 2016 to end of 2016.

  • Venues would be Edinburgh, Dundee, Dumfries (Chriton Campus?), Perth (SNH Battleby), Inverness (SNH HQ) and if possible the Scottish Parliament (awaiting an answer from Eugene Mullen) and/or Victoria Quay finishing in Glasgow 2017,. The exhibition would run for 2 weeks at each venue with a week to move and there would be an event at each venue. Venues would be considered in terms of their ability to attract the public
  • It would be preferable if a member in each location acted as lead for the exhibition. A brief/flyer/introduction to be prepared to inform members.
  • Practices would be involved by showing their work as part of the exhibition and members would be involved via the lead for each location.


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