LIS Building Information modelling (BIM) Seminar – 17th June 2015

The Landscape Institute Scotland and BALI members enjoyed an evening of Building Information modelling (BIM), courtesy of Marshalls at the Falkirk Display Centre in Falkirk on Wednesday, 17th June 2015.

BIM Slide

Mihailo Simeunovich and Ross Williams provided an informative presentation on the advantages of BIM, capturing the essence of BIM processes, requirements and long and short term advantages.  They encouraged landscape architects to be innovative and creative with their designs and dispelled the theory that it was all about the software technology and that it was about the process, the exchange of data information and working as a team towards a common end; allowing improved co-ordination, enhancement of accuracy, reduction in waste, clash detection, scheduling and construction procurement and sustainability /whole life information.

To complete the presentation Mihailo summarised the process for companies to become BIM compliant by the set government deadline dates.

The big question being – will the Construction Industry be ready for BIM by 2016?


More information about BIM is available on the Landscape Institute HERE



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