Landscape Institute EGM – Vote by Friday, 22nd July 2016

If you are a CMLI or Fellow, you are eligible to vote in relation to changes in Landscape Institute governance.

Just over a year ago, Noel Farrer, past-president of the Landscape Institute made a commitment to changing the way in which the LI is governed in order to make it more democratic and more accessible to a wider range of landscape practitioners.

At an EGM held in July 2015, eleven of twelve motions debated received a high level of support from members. The Li has now drafted new governing documents that reflect the changes members have supported. Members are now asked to vote on the motions put forward.

These changes have received the support of the Landscape Institute Board of Trustees and Council. Full details of the proposals can be found via the Landscape Institute Members Website


The Landscape Institute are proposing the following changes:  

  1. Extend basic voting rights to Academic Members, Academic Fellows and Licentiates.
  2. Include a clear obligation for all corporate Members to comply with the Code of Conduct.
  3. Increase the number of Members required to requisition an EGM to 3%.
  4. Provide a place for an additional Trustee to serve on the Board who will be a non-Chartered Member (a Licentiate or Academic).
  5. Change references to ‘Landscape Architecture’ to ‘Landscape Practice’ throughout the by-laws and regulations, to reflect the language that is used in practice.
  6. Create a new individual category of membership which will be referred to as ‘Affiliate’ membership designed for people with a professional interest in landscape. People in this category will not have voting rights.
  7. Remove the prohibition on individuals who are engaged in landscape practice from being admitted as Honorary Fellows.
  8. Make new provisions to allow Corporate Members to appoint a proxy electronically and to enable Corporate Members to vote electronically or by post on resolutions/motions at a General Meeting.
  9. Update disciplinary procedures to bring them into line with those of similar bodies.


Full details of the proposed changes can be found Here


How to Vote?

To vote, you can attend the EGM which is taking place at 5.30pm on Thursday, 28th July 2016 at the Landscape Institute offices in London. See the notice Here

If you cannot attend, please download and complete the proxy voting form via the Landscape Institute Members Website and ensure that it is received by 5pm on Friday, 22nd July 2016.



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