Landscape Institute Proposed Governance Changes


Consultation with LIS Members

Wednesday, 3rd December 2014, 6.00pm to 8.00pm  logo red for eventbrite

The Teacher Building

14 St. Enoch Square,


G1 4DB


Understanding how the proposed changes will affect members

The Landscape Institute is proposing a series of governance changes with the aim of expanding and thus increasing membership into the profession and consequently its income and expenditure.  These changes based on the overall aim of expansion are fundamental and will at some stage be likely to involve proposing 5 areas of practice – Landscape Design, Landscape Management, Landscape Science, Landscape Planning and Urban Design under the umbrella of Landscape Architecture which would ultimately raise the question of the future of the title Landscape Architect.  This series of changes require full consultation with the membership.

The key question is how do you think the proposed changes are likely to affect you as a Landscape Architect and a Landscape  Institute member working in a devolved nation?

The first stage of the proposed changes will involve the following steps:

  • Receipt of an LI Consultation Document by 14th November 2014;
  • A meeting with Chris Sheridan LI Head of Education and Membership who will set out the proposed governance changes and listen to a response from LIS members;
  • Similar meetings will be held with all other Branches;
  • An online consultation will take place for all members using a fixed format form;
  • Voting on Motions to be put by the LI Board to an Extraordinary General Meeting.

The Proposed changes can be summarised as follows:

      1   Giving increased and appropriate voting rights to all members

      2   Changing the composition of the Board

      3   Introducing an additional route to Chartership

      4   Changes to some non-professional categories of membership

      5   Minor changes to deal with compliance, simplification and tidying up documents

The Agenda for the consultation with LIS members is as follows:

  • The LI Boards response to LIS’s Post Independence Referendum Position regarding increased support (You can read and download a copy of the letter to the President HERE);
  • The Proposed Governance Changes;
  • A brief summary of the Landscape Institutes Position Statements on Liveability, Green Infrastructure, Public Health, Housing and Water and a launch of the latest document Profitable Places Locally – Why House Builders Invest in Landscape.


This is the first of a series of very important meetings concerning the future of our profession, there are some fundamental questions to be asked and the Institute needs to hear its members clear and unambiguous views.





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