Land Reform Consultation Feb 2015 – Read the LIS’ submission HERE!

Below you can read the LIS’ letter as part of the LIS’ Land Reform Consultation response. To read the entire consultation with the LIS’ response, click Land-reform-bill-consultation-feb-2015 LISresponse 8feb2015. The LIS’ response to the consultation can be found in Annex D within the consultation document.

Land Reform Team

B1 Spur
Saughton House
EH11 3XD

8th February 2015
Dear Sir/Madam



The Landscape Institute Scotland is part of the chartered institute in the United Kingdom for landscape architects, incorporating designers, managers and scientists concerned with conserving and enhancing the environment.

The LI is an educational charity and chartered body whose purpose is to protect, conserve and enhance the natural and built environment for the benefit of the public. The LI is committed to the principles of sustainable development by improving the quality of design of urban and rural environments and to the protection of our physical and natural environments.

The LI’s Scottish Branch (LIS) represents the professional membership within Scotland and is particularly concerned with design, management and planning for the protection, conservation and enhancement of the natural and built environment of Scotland.

Many members have experience of providing landscape advice to developers, local authorities and statutory consultees on site selection, siting, design, landscape and visual impact assessment, construction and research into the built effects of development proposals. Members work in the public sector, private sector and the voluntary sector. Therefore LIS welcomes the opportunity to respond on behalf of members to certain appropriate aspects of this consultation on the draft Land Rights and Responsibilities Policy Statement.

Associated with this letter is the requested completed Consultation Response Form which has focused on the questions on aspects of the proposed draft policy which are more relevant to the interests of LIS and the work of our members.

Having said that it is worth noting that our comments overall are particularly related to the appropriate management of land and landscape regardless of ownership, for the interests and benefit of the wider public, all communities of interest and stakeholders.
LIS would also encourage more detailed definitions of terms such as ‘the Common Good’, ‘community engagement’, ‘sustainable development’ and ‘environmental sustainability’. We would also like to encourage the policy to contain more explanation as to how land condition and landscape character can be retained and enhanced while promoting both sustainable development and environmental sustainability for the benefit of all communities of interest.

LIS is overall supportive of the draft LRR PS and look forward to further progress on the Land Reform Bill agenda and associated policy development.
Yours faithfully



Rebecca Hughes FLI
Policy and Development Officer
Landscape Institute Scotland



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