Green Infrastructure Partnership newsletter

“Will devolution be good for green infrastructure? During the last few years the transfer of powers to Scotland has resulted in strong policy and political support north of the border, while in England political support for green infrastructure is tepid and funding for local green spaces has plummeted. Now, however, powers and responsibilities are being devolved from Whitehall to English local authorities – and groups of local authorities – ¬†at a bewildering rate. Deals are being done, often without public awareness, and each deal is different. Without a doubt there will be scope for far-sighted councils to invest in green infrastructure to transform their areas by making them economically attractive, healthy and resilient. Some will achieve this, perhaps using new freedoms to set business rates. There is a risk, however, that places with low land value and little investment will struggle. As devolution unfolds, we want to keep track of what is working for green infrastructure, and what is not. As ever, this newsletter will help you keep up-to-date with ideas, innovations, publications and events. As the national picture becomes increasingly fragmented, keeping in touch will be even more important”


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