Future Fort August, Caledonian Canal – A Year of Coasts and Waters Case Study

Submitted by HarrisonStevens

Client: Scottish Canals

Completion: Engagement October 2019

Through community events the Future Fort Augustus project focus is on delivering upon the Community Action Plan 2018 -2023, the production of an integrated masterplan for the village centre, and providing proposals for public realm improvements around the lock flight at the heart of the village.

There are three outcomes to the study:

An Integrated Future (Masterplan)

Our Shared Future Vision. The masterplan presents a shared vision for the future of the village. It identifies strategic and enterprising opportunities. The principle themes through the masterplan echo the three themes taken from the Community Action Plan: Housing and Local Economy, Environment and Heritage, and Parking, Roads and Traffic. Following the comprehensive and engaging community events a masterplan for a shared vision of the village emerged.

Loch Ness Viewpoint

A number of short to long term, and modest to ambitious projects have been proposed for the unique Loch Ness viewpoint, Loch Ness Shore and the Abbey Estate. These include; selfie tours; improved wayfinding and signing; with interpretation routes; increased cycle parking and seating; improved paving surfaces, and provision for ‘pop up’ food outlets. More ambitious projects include the Walk on Loch Ness Jetty/Boardwalk, an underwater tunnel to connect under the entrance to the Canal, and an underwater restaurant.

Canalside Landscape

The Fort Augustus lock flight is undergoing a comprehensive programme of engineering repairs in line with the Caledonian Canals’ Asset Management Strategy. The works involve the complete replacement of the enormous lock gates which were over 50 years old and due to their condition require complete replacement to ensure that they fulfil their important function holding 5,163m3 of water in each lock chamber. Complimentary to these changes, there is opportunity to enhance the surrounding lock flight landscape to make it a safer, more accessible destination.

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