Call for members to promote the landscape profession in Scotland

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We need your help – our accredited university courses must attract more UK students to ensure a good supply of future professionals!

We are looking for LIS members, from students through to fellows, to sign up for the Ambassador for Landscape scheme in Scotland to help promote the profession. With only one LI accredited landscape course in this region at Edinburgh College of Art, it is extremely important that LI members provide support to the university, to inspire the next generation of landscape architects.

“Imagine if all of the 5000 or more LI members were to encourage an extra recruit to an accredited course, in just a few years’ time we could have doubled the numbers in the profession.” Amanda McDermott CMLI

The profession is facing real challenges with the decline in the number of students studying landscape courses, and as a result two landscape undergraduate courses have closed in recent years; Kingston University and Manchester Metropolitan University (both their postgraduate courses still remain). This decline will impact the numbers of qualified graduates entering the job market which is why it is vital that we actively continue to promote the profession and improve its future.

Ambassador activities range from helping out on career stalls to giving a presentation about landscape architecture, as well as workshops and school projects. Whether you can spare a couple of hours or a whole afternoon, there is always something you can get involved in!

If you are interested, please get in touch with Poppy Smith, the LI’s Education Development Officer who will be able to let you know about scheduled talks or events which require a volunteer, or how to set up your own careers talk at a local school. Please contact Poppy by email on or by calling 020 7685 2656.

To hear about ambassador experiences this year, check out our blog.

Have you already gone into a school in 2016 to promote the profession? Please let us know so we can document the work of our members and measure our set targets for how many schools we can reach in our first year!

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