Burr’s Garage – Scotland’s Year of Coasts and Waters case study

Submitted by: Urban Pioneers

Our site is located to the north of the village Tongue along the NC500 and lies some 250m from the shores of the Kyle of Tongue providing a stunning as well as challenging coastal setting.

The project is led by Helen Lucas Architects on behalf of Ben Loyal Ltd for Wildland Limited. Wildland came together as an initiative and investment body to take forward and support the conservation, protection and sustainable development of some of Scotland’s most rugged, precious and beautiful landscapes. A key project is the promotion of the NC500 to generate sustainable growth and development to local communities and businesses.

The existing site features a derelict filling station and shop. Aware of the problems a lack of fuel provision would pose to the Tongue community, Wildland have purchased the Burr’s Stores site and are looking at the refurbishment of existing buildings with the creation of new, to renew the former commercial activities Burr’s Stores offered and destination as a village hub servicing both locals and new visitors alike.

The exposure of the site to the harsh conditions is one of the key challenges. The proposed landscape layout takes cognisance the designed landscape of Tongue House and the ways locals have used planting and topography to create shelter. New and existing buildings work with the landscape to create sheltered courtyards and sunken gardens, historic woodlands are strengthened, views to Kyle carefully framed.

The landscape vision reinforces the qualities of the National Scenic Area:

  • Create views to the ever-present backdrop of mountains
  • Retain the link from inhabited coast to a wild, moorland
  • Provide spaces and views of different scale, from domestic to monumental
  • Works with the constantly changing character of the Kyle
  • Be inspired by the rich variety of coastal scenery
  • Tie in with distinct pattern of settlement

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