Become an Ambassador for Landscape

Do you want to encourage the next generation to choose landscape as a career path, to support up and coming landscape architects, and to promote the profession to a wider audience? Are you a member of the Landscape Institute?

Have you considered becoming an Ambassador for Landscape?

Ambassadors for Landscape work with the Landscape Institute Scotland to ensure that people, both young and old, who are considering their career options are aware of landscape as an option and have the information they need to decide if it’s the right career path. We also ask Ambassadors to assist with any policy led events in the interest of promoting the landscape professions and the profile as effectively as possible. 

As an Ambassador for Landscape, you will be contacted about upcoming events and asked about your availability. Our busiest time for careers events each year tends to be from early November to the end of February. 

If you are interest in becoming an Ambassador for Landscape or if you would like more information, please contact the LIS at

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