A+DS and Stalled Spaces: Programme by the Scottish Government

National Stalled space programme



Scottish Government have asked A+DS to roll out a national programme to share the learning and opportunities from the Stalled Spaces initiative in Glasgow. The national Stalled Spaces programme will pilot the initiative with local authority partners; build support and learning for participating partners and share the learning nationally.


The aim of the programme is to support local authorities and communities to bring stalled spaces or derelict and vacant land back into temporary use to benefit communities and

enhance town centres. It forms part of the Scottish Government commitment to town centres, and builds on the recent town centre first principle. A+DS were part of the working group convened to agree the scope of the town centre first principle, and we are delighted to have the opportunity to work with partners on the ground to deliver practical impacts against these ambitions.


See the attached Expression of Interest pdf document, which sets out the scope of the programme, and how to get involved in more detail. The deadline for the Expression of Interest is August 15th. The programme is being managed by Emma Halliday [emma.halliday@ads.org.uk] and Lesley Riddell-Robertson [lesley.riddell-robertson@ads.org.uk], who are happy to discuss the initiative in more detail.



A+DS support for town centres



A+DS were part of the External Advisory Group to the recently National Town Centres Review. We are committed to working with partners in a range of ways to support new ideas and opportunities for these important places in Scotland.


In this context, in addition to the National Stalled Spaces programme, we are supporting the following initiatives which you may also be interested in:



· Start Up Street, which is a platform to connect people with ideas for enterprise with vacant spaces in town centres to incubate new forms of use and business;


· The ScotlandCanDo innovation challenge which is focusing on building innovation into town centres working with communities, Development trusts, BIDS, and local authorities;


· Learning towns, which is a place based framework to look at the way the desires of communities in places, the services we need in town centres, and the public assets we already have can be re-thought creatively to maximise use and value. We regularly collaborate with Scottish Futures Trust on this form of initiative.


· Sustainable Placemaking, which is a spatial scenario planning set of workshops which help inform decisions about investment, spatial planning and collaboration. This programme is jointly run by Scottish Natural Heritage [SNH] and A+DS



If you feel there may be value in some of these initiatives for your own work, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me [diarmaid.lawlor@ads.org.uk].




In the meantime, we are delighted to let you know about the National Stalled Spaces programme, and hope you will consider making and expression of interest.



If you have any queries on any aspect of the above, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Stalled Spaces Scotland Expression of interest

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