A Landscape of One’s Own?

Recently, a growing interest in feminist research in landscape design has been demonstrated in the work of landscape architecture students at Edinburgh College of Art and has begun to emerge in the profession. In response to this surge of interest critically questioning both the role of women in the landscape architecture profession and the prevalence of male dominated apparatus and discourses in the field, it appears timely and necessary to create a meaningful cross disciplinary and trans-scholarly forum in order to encourage and develop this body of research.

A landscape of one’s own? is a two day event that intends to explore lines of inquiry including:

  • What is a feminist landscape?
  • How can design be a feminist act?
  • To what extent would the landscapes we inhabit differ if they were designed by women?
  • How do we approach landscape design through the lenses of feminist theories?

The intention of the two day workshop and exhibition event is to provide a platform for active inquiry into landscape and feminist thought. The event will comprise discussions and workshops culminating in the staging of a small public exhibition. The symposium is the opportunity to channel the feminist critical awareness that is steadily emerging in our school. The aim is to transform prevalent and pertinent questions into a structured and articulated dialogue.

This event is taking place over the 7th and 8th of June. For full details of the days, please see the schedule. For information on how to book, please see here

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